How Our Coupon Program Works

We have the world's largest online coupon clipping and delivery service. We take the time, effort, and expense out of clipping coupons from newspapers and circulars for you. We are truly a custom coupon service. Use our coupon clipping service to receive the exact coupons for products that you already buy. Receive HIGH QUALITY brand name grocery coupons, which can be used at any grocery store nationwide.

1. Click on Browse Coupons on the left hand side of this website.

2. Then click on the categories of your choice.

3. Pick out the coupons that you want to put in your shopping cart by entering the number of coupons that you want in the left hand box. Once you have made all your selections in a category proceed to the bottom of the page and click on the Update Totals button.

5. We will automatically tabulate a processing fee of 10% of the total face value of your grocery coupon order plus 75 cents to cover shipping.  This amount will be shown in total, before you are asked for any Credit Card information. We then reimburse you for the 10% clipping fee and the 75 cent shipping charge by sending you extra coupons from your selection to cover your investment.

6. As an example... you order $20 worth of coupons for a total cost of $2.00 ... the coupons of your choice are sent directly to your home via first class mail and you receive them a few days later. We also include an extra $2.00 worth of coupons of your choice to cover your handling fee. So in reality you are receiving the $20 worth of coupons for free!

7. We will then ask you to submit your Name, Shipping Address and your Credit Card number. This will automatically submit your order to our order processing center.

8. We then compile your order of coupons and mail them to your house.

9. You should receive your coupons in 3 - 5 business days as we strive to ship all orders within eight business hours.

10. Then go shopping at any of the 127,000 supermarkets nationwide and SAVE!

A Word About Our Processing Fees

Our processing fees insure our ability to continue to obtain the coupons and pay the personnel that stock our warehouse and process orders so that we can fulfill our obligations to our customers. To offset this cost we include extra coupons of your choice to reimburse you for the processing fees. Thanks for choosing

Thank you for using our coupon clipping service.